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Montgomery Alabama Family Law Law Blog

Child custody can be a sore point during divorce

Just as parents in Alabama experience a wide range of emotions when dissolving a marriage, children can also have various reactions. This is especially true when child custody is one of the parents' biggest areas of contention. For example, some children might be angry, whereas others might feel more sadness. A few tips may help parents in Alabama to help their children as the parents navigate through divorce proceedings.

First, before announcing the divorce to the children, practicing what to say may be helpful for both parents. In fact, having both parents present during the announcement is best. An important point to make during this discussion is that the children are not to blame in their parents' divorce.

Divorce involving child custody may stress out children

Deciding to get a divorce in Alabama is usually a difficult decision no matter how long a couple has been married. It is also typically challenging for parents who have to address matters related to child custody as part of their divorce proceeding. However, in addition to impacting the parents, the divorce process can have a particularly massive impact on the children.

Over the past several years, researchers have tried to gain a better understanding of how a marital split-up affects children. According to a new study, the actual divorce process actually does not harm children's health. Rather, it is how parents handle their divorce that affects the children's well-being.

Paying share payments may help to protect business from divorce

A businessperson's worst fear when going through a marital split-up in Alabama is losing his or her ability to continue making money through the business in the future. After pouring their hearts and souls into their companies, businesspeople naturally want to do everything they physically can to safeguard their entities from divorce. However, giving up a portion of the business to a soon-to-be ex may be necessary if he or she took part in the company operations or gave up a career to stay home with the children.

One possible way to protect a business from divorce is to pay a future ex's share of this company over time. The ex must agree for this to happen. For instance, it may be determined that a business is valued at $5 million according to a current fair valuation of it. In addition, perhaps it is determined that the future ex-spouse is eligible to receive 20% of the business, equivalent to a million dollars of the value of the business.

Divorce can be impacted by dating website profile

Using dating websites and social media is an ideal way to make connections with other people, particularly following the dissolution of a marriage. However, these tools can also do damage during a divorce proceeding in Alabama. Therefore, exercising caution when using these tools, or staying off of them altogether, is critical.

What goes online during a divorce may end up being used as evidence against those who post them, even after the finalizing of a divorce. For instance, dating site evidence could be used to substantiate one spouse's suspicions of the other spouse's hiding assets, thus forcing an audit. In addition, the other spouse may challenge an existing alimony or child support amount if the spouse doing the online posting claims to earn more than he or she initially told the court.

Affleck and Garner getting a divorce

The celebrity couple of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner will soon officially be no more. The two have been separated for two years now but recently filed for divorce. The divorce process in Alabama and elsewhere can understandably be stressful emotionally and financially, but amicably working toward a settlement in the best way possible may help to make it easier to navigate.

In Garner's and Affleck's situation, the two filed their divorce documents together and are reportedly operating in a very amicable manner. Both parties are pursuing joint physical custody and legal custody. They have three children together.

Divorce rates on the rise for Americans age 50+

The divorce rate rises with age - or at least that's what new data suggests. The divorce rate is up among couples age 50 and older, commonly referred to as "gray divorce." While most people think of divorce and family law as involving child custody battles and visitation rights, a rising divorce rate among older Americans brings new considerations to the table.

In the last decade or two before retirement, working couples are often more focused on providing for their retirement accounts than for their children's future. Retirement assets, property and 401(k)s bring the most conflict when divorcing later in life. Why is the divorce rate so high among Baby Boomers?

Tax-related decisions impacted by divorce

The dissolution of a marriage in the state of Alabama is a process that brings many significant life changes. These changes may include splitting the children between two households and dividing the marital assets. However, one important yet often-overlooked change following divorce includes how taxes are filed.

An important matter to address when working toward a divorce settlement agreement is which parent will be able to claim the children as dependents. The exemption amount may change from one year to the next. However, the amount for a single child in 2017 is more than $4,000. This exemption starts phasing out if the household head earns more than $287,650.

Mediating divorce can be more amicable than litigation

The thought of going to trial to fight for assets when dissolving a marriage can understandably be stressful and overwhelming. However, traditional litigation is no longer unavoidable when getting divorced in the state of Alabama. Divorce mediation has made it easier for couples to work out their divorces' terms without further court intrusion.

In mediation, a third party essentially facilitates communication between the two parties and helps them to pursue creative problem-solving. This mediator helps each party to focus on his or her own interests during the negotiation process. The goal is for the couple to arrive at an agreement on their own, one that is mutually beneficial and satisfactory.

Tips for avoiding spring break parenting time disputes

Even with the chilly weather our region experienced last week, one thing keeps people (especially kids) happy; the prospect of spring break and warm weather right around the corner. With that, many families are making plans for when kids will be out of school. This can be an uneasy time for divorced and separated parents, especially those who are going through the process for the first time.

Problems may arise when raw feelings still exist between parents, or a court order has not been established that details how parenting time during school holidays. Whatever problems may arise, parents who are equipped to deal with conflict are more likely to have fun during this time. With that, we offer some helpful tips so that planning for spring break can go smoothly.

Putting children first essential during divorce

The month of March is the top month for divorces. This means that children often have to spend the rest of their school years grappling with the idea of the split-up of their parents. It is essential during a divorce proceeding in Alabama to concentrate on putting the needs of the children first during this emotionally and financially difficult time.

Even though the month of March is the most common for filing for divorce, this does not necessarily mean it is the most ideal time in every marital situation. Many parents decide to divorce in March because they can handle attorney meetings and other responsibilities while the children are still in school. However, in other cases, parents may decide to get divorced in the summer months, as this gives them more time to spend with the children to assist them with the adjustment required during divorce.

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