Brittany Tompkins


Destiny Richards

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Professional Biography

Brittany was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. She attended Trenholm Technical College where she earned her Masters in Cosmetology while working as a receptionist and legal assistant for a local law firm. After graduation She continued to work and study in the law field while continuing to build her cliental in the salon. She has a background of her own domestic and family law issues that she has conquered while holding high standards and morals for herself and her family. Brittany resides with her husband and their 4 children in Montgomery, Alabama along with their fur babies. Brittany enjoys running her cosmetology, embroidery and vinyl businesses while making and creating fun activity’s and memories with her family. She is very active in her local church and enjoys volunteering and helping others. Brittany believes strongly in family values and plans to eventually become a full time employee here at Jones, Hawkins, and Associates.


  • Auburn University Montgomery