Estate Planning And Estate Administration

Who Needs Estate Planning?

While many believe that estate planning is designed primarily for the very wealthy, it is just as critical for those with limited wealth or average assets, such as cars, bank accounts and a house. Wills and trusts put a plan in place to pass on assets to loved ones after death. Some people allocated their assets designated charities or causes instead of or in addition to family.

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Can You Do Without It?

Whether you plan to leave your assets to family or to any other designated recipients, proper estate planning is actually one of life's greatest bargains. The probate process in Alabama can be time-consuming, costly and confusing when there is no will for the courts to review. A modest expense to create proper documentation can help protect property and save time and trouble for executors (personal representatives) of estates. Estate planning can prevent unwanted consequences such as family feuds or excessive loss of property to taxes and legal fees after death.

Be Aware Of The Risks Of Postponing Estate Planning

Too often, we procrastinate planning for our passing only to leave our family members with unanswered questions and uncertainty. An intestate death (without a will) can create financial burdens and time-consuming obstacles for those who will administer an estate.

At Jones, Hawkins, & Associates, we understand that every individual has unique wishes when it comes to their estate plan. We are available to guide you both thoroughly and efficiently through the process of creating a will and a trust, a living will, and a health care power of attorney, also known as an advance directive.

Advance Directives — Living Wills And Durable Health Care Powers Of Attorney

When planning your estate, property is not the only item you should consider. If you sustain bodily injury or are terminally ill and are unable to immediately speak for yourself, a designated family member or friend can legally make decisions for you if you have an advance directive in place. A living will can clarify your preferences regarding health care in a crisis or at near the end of life. It can state what, if any, treatment you would like to have given, while an advance directive can allow another person to make those decisions for you.

After A Death In The Family: Estate Administration

Whether your estate is limited to your home and bank accounts or you have a more complicated estate that involves business interests, you can count on us to help your family navigate the probate system after death. If a loved one has died and you are responsible for settling the estate, we can guide you through the process while minimizing delays and helping you avoid errors.

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