Facts About Alabama Wills

Every adult should have a will, but many put off addressing this important matter. More than a detailing of who gets what, a will can also name who will be the guardian of your minor children in the event you are unable to care for them. At Jones, Hawkins, & Associates, in Montgomery, we can provide you peace of mind through knowledgeable guidance in the area of wills and estate planning.

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A properly executed will can ensure the transfer of your property according to your wishes. Understanding your options and the advantages of different trusts can help you choose the right testamentary document.

Simple And Reciprocal Wills

Without a will, any property you own upon death will be distributed according to state laws, not according to your wishes. In a simple will, the testator, or person making the will, chooses one or more parties who will receive his property after death and the conditions for granting property.

Married couples can account for the chance they may pass away together by establishing a reciprocal will. In this type of will, spouses specify the distribution of property upon the death of one or both of them. Reciprocal wills generally include provisions for simultaneous deaths, and who should receive the property and minor children, if applicable, if both spouses die at the same time.

Living Wills And Health Care Powers Of Attorney

Through the establishment of a living will, you can make your wishes known about which medical treatments that you do or do not want to receive, such as feeding tubes and resuscitation attempts. This document can remove the burden of difficult decisions for family members at a time when you cannot speak for yourself. It may prevent conflicts over your health care that could otherwise arise among family members or between family members and doctors.

In addition to a living will that spells out your wishes regarding health care, you can designate a person to make medical decisions for you through a health care durable power of attorney, also called an advance directive.

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