When Your Landlord-Tenant Matter Requires A Lawyer's Guidance

Alabama has specifics laws governing landlords, tenants and their agreements. Leased properties must maintain a certain level of inhabitability, and tenants owe certain duties to their landlord in terms of reporting new or recurring issues. When experiencing an issue with your landlord or tenant, know your rights and protect your interests.

Get The Advice And Guidance An Experienced Attorney Can Provide

Experienced attorneys at Jones, Hawkins, & Associates, LLC, can evaluate your concerns, identify and interpret relevant laws that apply in your case, and represent you in interactions with the other party. If you are a landlord facing a troublesome situation with a tenant or a tenant encountering difficulties with your landlord, we can help you move past the conflict toward a satisfactory resolution.

Deal Decisively With Evictions And Disputes Over Repairs Or Property Use

We assist landlords with evictions, help them respond to complaints and write and review lease contracts. Likewise, we help tenants bring complaints and protect them from unlawful convictions. If there is a dispute over needed repairs or disagreement over the provisions of a lease, we can advise and assist either party.

Contact Us To Schedule A Consultation At Your Convenience

Our office is committed to ensuring that your lease transactions are handled in a professional and efficient manner while protecting your interests. Whenever possible, we urge potential clients to get help resolving conflicts before they escalate. Jones, Hawkins, & Associates proudly serves Montgomery and surrounding counties. Contact us today at 334-625-1754 or send an online inquiry to request a consultation with no obligation.