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Main Aspects Of Alimony

Called by many names like spousal allowance, maintenance or support, alimony is monetary assistance paid from the higher-earning ex-spouse to the lower-earning one when there is an ability for the higher-earning spouse to assist and a need for assistance on the part of the lower-earning spouse.

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Types Of Alimony

There are many support arrangements to pursue in divorce negotiation or litigation. Options for maintenance include:

  • Temporary support
  • Long-term or permanent alimony
  • Limited or restorative alimony

The type and amount of spousal maintenance granted by the court depend upon several factors. The court can order a paying spouse to remit periodic payments or one lump sum. The attorney staff at Jones, Hawkins, & Associates in Montgomery are experienced at balancing many factors in clients’ cases to ensure that an equitable arrangement is secured.

Is Time On Your Side?

When considering any spousal support, Alabama courts will put a considerable emphasis on the length of the marriage. Generally, shorter marriages will not receive as much alimony, since there is less mutual investment in a shorter marriage. Other things that the court may consider when deciding support issues include:

  • One spouse’s contribution to the union as a caretaker of the home and children
  • Financial support of a spouse so they could attain higher education and professional status
  • The standard of living in the marriage

Alabama courts still grant alimony in shorter marriage situations, but it tends to be more temporary in nature.

There have been recent changes in the law regarding alimony, making this area a lot more predictable for individuals dealing with the question of alimony.

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