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March 2017 Archives

Mediating divorce can be more amicable than litigation

The thought of going to trial to fight for assets when dissolving a marriage can understandably be stressful and overwhelming. However, traditional litigation is no longer unavoidable when getting divorced in the state of Alabama. Divorce mediation has made it easier for couples to work out their divorces' terms without further court intrusion.

Tips for avoiding spring break parenting time disputes

Even with the chilly weather our region experienced last week, one thing keeps people (especially kids) happy; the prospect of spring break and warm weather right around the corner. With that, many families are making plans for when kids will be out of school. This can be an uneasy time for divorced and separated parents, especially those who are going through the process for the first time.

Putting children first essential during divorce

The month of March is the top month for divorces. This means that children often have to spend the rest of their school years grappling with the idea of the split-up of their parents. It is essential during a divorce proceeding in Alabama to concentrate on putting the needs of the children first during this emotionally and financially difficult time.

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