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Putting children first essential during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2017 | Divorce

The month of March is the top month for divorces. This means that children often have to spend the rest of their school years grappling with the idea of the split-up of their parents. It is essential during a divorce proceeding in Alabama to concentrate on putting the needs of the children first during this emotionally and financially difficult time.

Even though the month of March is the most common for filing for divorce, this does not necessarily mean it is the most ideal time in every marital situation. Many parents decide to divorce in March because they can handle attorney meetings and other responsibilities while the children are still in school. However, in other cases, parents may decide to get divorced in the summer months, as this gives them more time to spend with the children to assist them with the adjustment required during divorce.

It is also important to consider living arrangements with a soon-to-be ex during the divorce proceeding. Staying under the same roof peacefully may help the children to more easily adjust to the new family dynamic. If possible, one parent can rotate out to go somewhere else for the weekend while the other parent gets quality time with the children, and they can take turns doing this until one parent leaves the family home permanently as part of the divorce proceeding.

The dissolution of a marriage is a fragile event for all parties involved. One of the best ways of addressing matters such as child custody in Alabama is to engage in divorce negotiation or mediation, during which a parenting agreement can be created. The goal is to put together an agreement that takes into consideration the best interests of the children.

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