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Divorce can be impacted by dating website profile

On Behalf of | May 4, 2017 | Divorce

Using dating websites and social media is an ideal way to make connections with other people, particularly following the dissolution of a marriage. However, these tools can also do damage during a divorce proceeding in Alabama. Therefore, exercising caution when using these tools, or staying off of them altogether, is critical.

What goes online during a divorce may end up being used as evidence against those who post them, even after the finalizing of a divorce. For instance, dating site evidence could be used to substantiate one spouse’s suspicions of the other spouse’s hiding assets, thus forcing an audit. In addition, the other spouse may challenge an existing alimony or child support amount if the spouse doing the online posting claims to earn more than he or she initially told the court.

When it comes to child custody, what is posted online can be especially incriminating in the other spouse’s eyes. For instance, two divorcing parents may be quarreling about which party deserves to have more parenting time. If one of them posts on a dating website that he or she has no children just to attract more suitors, this may certainly hurt his or her case.

Going through even the most amicable of divorces can be tricky, especially when dealing with potentially contentious matters such as child custody and asset division. This is true no matter how long both parties have been married and how many assets they have together. A divorce attorney in Alabama can help with navigating these issues with the goal of overcoming any obstacles to a personally favorable resolution.

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