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Child custody can be a sore point during divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2017 | Child Custody

Just as parents in Alabama experience a wide range of emotions when dissolving a marriage, children can also have various reactions. This is especially true when child custody is one of the parents’ biggest areas of contention. For example, some children might be angry, whereas others might feel more sadness. A few tips may help parents in Alabama to help their children as the parents navigate through divorce proceedings.

First, before announcing the divorce to the children, practicing what to say may be helpful for both parents. In fact, having both parents present during the announcement is best. An important point to make during this discussion is that the children are not to blame in their parents’ divorce.

Next, keeping the children’s lives as typical as possible is important. Some parents may be inclined to relax their house rules for the children due to feeling guilty about the breakup, but this might actually increase the children’s insecurity. Regular routines reinforce the notion that both parents are reliable, and thus, the children can trust them when it comes to receiving care.

Even though child custody can be a contentious issue during a divorce proceeding in Alabama, the parents may be able to come up with a mutually satisfactory parenting plan at the negotiating table. This type of plan spells out when the children should be with each parent and who has legal custody of the children, for example. Creating such a plan can help to make the divorce less acrimonious for the parents, which, in turn, may make it easier for the children to navigate as well.

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