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Child-related costs may be source of conflict during divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2017 | Divorce

Finances remain one of the most important areas of contention during the dissolution of a marriage. However, another critical aspect of a divorce proceeding is child custody. For this reason, matters involving children and finances together can be particularly difficult for a couple to come to an agreement on in Alabama.

Child support, which includes shelter, food and clothing, can be a particular source of acrimony. The spouse who will have custody of the children may be concerned about not receiving enough support for the children. Meanwhile, the spouse who will end up having to make child support payments might be worried about having to pay unreasonably large amounts.

Related to the matter of child support is the additional expenses associated with the children. For instance, there may be disagreement about who will cover childcare, education and health insurance, for example. Another area of discord might be who will cover the children’s extracurricular expenses.

Child support in Alabama is based on multiple factors according to state guidelines. These factors include each parent’s income, daycare expenses, each parent’s provision of health insurance, and the quantity of time that each parent spends with the child. A judge may also end up making decisions regarding the children’s education or extracurricular expenses if the two parents cannot negotiate these points effectively on their own outside of court. When a parent is tackling these matters during divorce, his or her attorney will strive for the most personally favorable outcome possible considering the circumstances surrounding the marital split-up.

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