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Creating divorce team important process during breakup

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2017 | Divorce

One of life’s most challenging events is going through a marital breakup, whether one has been divorced for a few years or a few decades. After all, divorce involves untangling two individuals who are tied to each other both financially and emotionally. Having a solid team in place in Alabama to help with this process is essential for achieving one’s desired outcome in a divorce proceeding.

A particularly important member of this team is a financial expert, preferably one with experience with matrimonial issues. This person may help with evaluating settlement proposals during a divorce proceeding. In addition, he or she can help with structuring one’s financial life in the years following divorce.  

A therapist can also be a helpful member of a divorce team. Navigating the various aspects of the proceedings can be wearisome, and it can be difficult to think rationally when emotions are flaring. However, therapists can help with processing the emotional trauma associated with divorce, which may improve one’s chances of making logical decisions when tackling issues such as the distribution of assets.

An attorney who is willing to do a significant amount of legwork is another critical divorce team member, especially when the marital breakup involves complicated factors such as high-value assets or bankruptcy. An experienced attorney in Alabama can assist in addressing such issues, either at the negotiation table or at trial if the parties cannot find enough common ground to resolve their disputes outside of court. The attorney can help with pursuing a settlement that will be personally beneficial to the client, not only now but also in the long run.

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