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Child custody rules in Alabama: Can a child be relocated?

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2017 | Child Custody

Divorces are particularly hard on kids. They essentially have to start a new way of life, and many children don’t take kindly to drastic changes in their routines — especially young children. It’s difficult enough on them knowing their parents won’t be living together with them, let alone when their parents can’t agree on where and with whom, exactly, they’re going to be living. Child custody battles in Alabama can be brutal on kids, particularly, when one parent wants to move the kids to a new location entirely. 

But, there may be times when a move is in the best interests of the children. It may be because the custodial parent has been offered a better job, or the children would be closer to extended family. The court always wants to hear that any decision made regarding kids is always to their benefit. Usually the court considers relocation not to fit that parameter and the parent would have to prove that it would be. It is important in any relocation, that the noncustodial parent would still be near enough to his or her children to have regular visitation.

There are basically three criteria under which a court will consider relocation of children of divorce. A judge will look at the ages of the children and how mature they are; the proximity of the new location to the old one and whether the move will make the kids’ quality of life better. A judge will also look at how carefully the move has been planned.

Rules surrounding child custody can be complicated. An Alabama attorney would be able to answer such questions regarding relocating children of divorce. Getting legal counsel for these issues will lead a parent in the right direction.

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