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Keeping children happy and healthy in a divorce situation

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2018 | Divorce

When a couple separates, their children are likely to feel as much pain and sadness as they do. Divorce is difficult on all family members, particularly kids, so it is crucial that parents communicate the positives of the situation to their children to ensure both their mental and physical health. In many divorce situations in Alabama, a couple might need help to move past the animosity they may feel for each other in order to focus on what’s best for their children.

Former spouses who are effective co-parents have to learn to get along with each other. Learning to do that when it was impossible within the marriage is necessary for a positive parenting plan the two people fashion for the sake of their children. It means working together to ensure the safety, well-being and happiness of their kids. Setting up boundaries initially may be a solid starting point to creating a well-rounded, positive parenting plan moving forward.

After all, divorced parents don’t have to be best friends as long as they are civil to each other where their children are concerned. Statistics show that kids whose parents are constantly at each other and who put them in the middle don’t fare as well in school or in social situations, but when their parents are at least respectful of each other, children can sense that and it spills over into their academic and social lives. In essence, parents who get along create mentally healthy children.

Those in Alabama who are going through a divorce might benefit from legal counsel regarding developing parenting plans that are mutually satisfactory and have the best interests of children at heart. Attorneys for both parties might be able to help their clients with such a plan. An attorney may even be able to recommend other professionals who could help, such as family psychologists or counselors.

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