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Child custody: A parenting plan that works for everyone

Often, the children are the most important part of a marital picture. When Alabama parents decide to divorce and child custody is discussed, a parenting plan can help parents continue to provide the best care possible for their kids. A good, well-thought-out plan will help children move forward in what will likely be two separate households.

The best way for two divorced parents to work together to fashion a parenting plan is to think about how things must feel for their kids -- living in two homes with two parents who may be at odds with each other, trying to please each without alienating the other. Trying to keep as much of their routine as possible may be important since many children don't take well to change. If the children are old enough, perhaps they might be given a say in some of the plan's dynamics since children like to be heard.

Discussing aspects of the parenting plan with each other will help both parents stay on the same page when it comes to important issues like discipline, religion and extracurricular activities. An exemplary parenting plan is more about the kids than the parents. It's not a parental competition, nor is it a document of convenience for parents. It is also a document which can be changed as life situations change and as children become older.

When Alabama family court judges look at child custody, they will always keep children's best interests in the foreground. A family law attorney might be able to assist his or her client in the throes of fashioning a parenting plan. He or she may be able to ensure the plan meets all applicable legal requirements.

Source:, "Create a Parenting Schedule That Works for Your Family", Jennifer Wolf, Accessed on May 25, 2018

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