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Breaking a divorce to family, friends

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2018 | Divorce

Announcing the break up of a marriage doesn’t hold the same stigma today as it did decades ago. Still, there may be some angst associated with telling family and friends of an impending divorce. Although marriages in Alabama are between two people, they’re also very much a part of social circles, so the break up may affect those parts of a couple’s personal life.

One of the things that may be upsetting to those in a couple’s social circle is the possibility of having to take one or the other person’s side. But if a couple makes it clear to everyone that doesn’t have to be the case, the divorce may be easier for some to process and to accept. This may be especially true of soon-to-be former in-laws who may have good relationships with their son- or daughter-in-law. That doesn’t have to change if the couple is taking a mature stance on their separation.

It is up to the couple on how to break the news. Some have actually decided to send out divorce announcement emails, much in the same fashion as engagement announcements. The email can mention the couple does not wish people to take sides but that they wish to remain friends with everyone. As time marches on, people may also want updates on how each person is doing in his and her new-found single life.

Talking about divorce is never easy. But understanding the dynamics of the process may make breaking the news to family and friends much less stressful. An Alabama attorney may be able to give his or her clients the legal information they need to be able to explain to friends and family how the divorce process works and what to expect in the way of timelines.

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