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Practical preparations for the divorce process

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2019 | Divorce

People in Alabama who decide to divorce may be motivated to move on for deeply personal and emotional reasons. However, separation can also be challenging due to the practical issues involved. Divorce can involve an extensive amount of paperwork and research, so being prepared in advance can help one emerge from a difficult situation with reduced pressure. Therefore, spouses who are considering a divorce may want to begin with an inventory of their personal documents.

One of the most important parts of the divorce process is the distribution of assets between a couple. Therefore, it’s crucial to collect bank statements, investment account records, retirement information, real estate deeds, mortgages, credit card bills and insurance policies. This can help establish a clear record of marital property to be divided as part of the asset division process. An ex may also want to locate their estate planning documents and any prepaid funeral arrangements that will need to be altered following the divorce.

These documents can be maintained in an organized fashion in order to make them more accessible and useful to a divorcing spouse as well as the professionals involved. By grouping documents together and filing them, one can locate key missing items or additional documents that need to be obtained. This can also be useful when classifying assets as either marital or separate property.

Those who are thinking about divorce may be struggling through a deeply emotional time, but they can also help themselves to move forward by addressing practical concerns. A family law attorney can provide guidance and representation to a divorcing spouse throughout the legal process.

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