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Understanding child support and the roles of the ACDD and ACPC

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2019 | Child Support

So, you were under obligation to pay support for your children as part of your divorce settlement. Wondering how that will work exactly? You would think it would be as simple as handing over cash or writing a check to your ex, but child support does not work that way in the state of Alabama. Here, the Alabama Central Disbursement Division and the Alabama Central Payment Center play big roles in collecting and distributing support funds.

There is a big difference between the ACPC and the ACDD. The ACPC collects support funds automatically withdrawn from paychecks or payments mailed directly from parents ordered to pay support. The ACDD is actually responsible for dispersing the funds to support receiving parents. Local clerks of court and the Department of Human Resources used to do this. However, federal and state law now requires that the distributing of funds occur in one central location.

Why are funds automatically deducted from employee paychecks?

Automatically deducting money from paychecks is just a way to ensure the paying of support on time. As soon as the ACPC receives a support payment, the ACDD can forward funds to the appropriate party the next business day. The only time payment may experience a delay is if a payment comes in without a case number or the proper processing information.

If you find yourself without a job, you are responsible for submitting payments to the ACPC. If you are just starting a new position with another company, you are responsible for submitting payments to the ACPC until your new employer receives the income withholding information it needs to begin deducting funds from your paycheck.

What the ACDD and ACPC do not do

These payment and distribution centers only deal with the money. The employees do not know any specifics about your case other than what you owe. They cannot stop deductions from paychecks. They cannot help your ex enforce the support order. The only thing they do is to collect funds and pass them on.

How do I know if the ACDD has forwarded my support payment?

It is possible to look up your payment history on the ACDD website or to call customer service to get information on your account.

Have concerns about your support order?

If at any point you have concerns about your child support order, it is okay to ask questions and seek adjustments to the order if necessary. Legal counsel will have the ability to review your case and help you seek a support order that is fair and balanced.

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