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Should electronic tablets be part of your custody agreement?

Parenting is no easy task, to be sure. While your family journey may include joyful times and lots of cherished memories, it can also be challenging to raise children in a modern world. Add divorce to the equation, and you might really have your work cut out to protect your kids’ best interests and provide for their needs.

If you’re a non-custodial parent, you might worry that the bond you share with your children might not be as strong as it once was when you all lived under the same roof. The good news is that many Alabama parents have found creative ways to keep in close contact with their children after divorce. Such ideas might be helpful in your own situation as well.

Adjusting to a new normal in your parent/child relationships

It can definitely take a lot of getting used to when you and your children wind up living in separate homes. A little one might call out to you in the night if he or she has a bad dream. You might miss hearing about the goings on of a typical school day when kids no longer come rushing through the door to tell their stories.

A change in lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have an active, happy relationship with your kids. It merely means things are different now. One of the first things you and your children can do to help each other move on in life is to embrace your new normal as it is and implement creative ideas to stay in touch when it’s not your turn to have your kids with you.

Here is where the tablets come in

Advanced technology makes it possible to communicate with people clear across the world at the simple click of a button. Nowadays, you can access apps that allow you to enjoy virtual visits with your kids on electronic tablets or other devices. FaceTime and other applications may not be as nice as sharing time in person, but they can be the next best thing when an in-person visit isn’t possible.

Incorporating terms of agreement regarding corresponding with your kids into your co-parenting plan is a good idea. It would not be unreasonable for a non-custodial parent to request that children have access to electronic tablets or other devices so that they can enjoy virtual chats with their other parent when staying at their custodial parent’s house.

You can still watch your favorite shows together

If you and your kids synchronize push play, you can use your virtual visit time and your electronic tablets or cell phones to watch your favorite TV shows together. This type of gesture shows your children that still love spending time with them, even if you can’t be with them as often as you were before your divorce.

In addition to watching television or videos, you can download game apps that allow you play a selected opponent, then you and your kids can face off in some fun competition just about any time and any place.

If a co-parent is causing problems

As a non-custodial parent, you should always have access to your children. If your ex is impeding their ability to keep in touch with you or is refusing to allow you communicate with them when it’s not your scheduled visit time, you can ask the court to intervene to help resolve the issue.

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