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Unique problems women face during divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2019 | Divorce

Men and women in Alabama face challenges when going through a divorce. However, the challenges that women face during the divorce process can be different than those faced by men. This may be due in part to differences in the median income level between women and men. Women in the United States make, on average, 81% of what men make. However, in a divorce, women are awarded custody nearly 90% of the time in the United States.

Understandably, money is the primary concern that women have during a divorce. It is even more worrying to them than issues involving their children. Post-divorce declining income can be difficult for women. Research shows that for many women who work prior to, during and even after divorce, their income can decline by 20%. Conversely, this same study showed that men experience a 30% increase in income after divorce.

This disparity is seen in poverty levels post-divorce for men and women. Women who have left their marriage have a poverty rate of 27%. This is almost three times what is seen among men. Couple this with the fact that women, on average, live longer than men and are in the workforce for fewer years, and it is easy understand why money is such a concern.

The second concern that women have is their children. Truthfully, money concerns and anxiety regarding children are intertwined. Women who have custody of their children are understandably worried about their children’s welfare. They want to have enough money to care for their children without stressing about how they will put their children through school and cover other expenses.

A woman who is going through the divorce process may want to speak to a family law attorney. A lawyer may help her tailor custody agreements, alimony payments and child support in a way that might be beneficial for her and her children. A family law attorney may help his or her client understand the laws pertaining to property division and other practical issues associated with divorce.

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