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Tips to help co-parents raise children after a divorce

Staying unified after a divorce is just one of the challenges that co-parents in Alabama face after going through a divorce and trying to raise children. However, when parents are able to remain consistent as far as daily schedules, discipline methods and family rules are concerned, this will help the children to feel secure.

Another strategy that successful co-parents have used is to share important moments in the lives of the children with each other. When a co-parent can take a snapshot of the child’s latest work of art or their report card and send it to the other parent, this can help them cope with the sadness that comes along with realizing that they will not spend as much time with their children after a divorce.

Successful co-parents also communicate with each other directly as adults. They avoid using their children as a mailbox or a messenger, which can lead to messages being relayed in an incorrect manner and create situations where a parent may react negatively to the message and then say or do something that hurts the child. It may be beneficial for co-parents to use email or text messages for the majority of their communication in order to avoid misunderstandings, keep communication peaceful and document conversations.

Most co-parents have to follow a parenting schedule that has been ordered by the court after the divorce. When it is possible, it can be beneficial for co-parents to be flexible and willing to change the schedule. This may allow children to engage in activities that they would enjoy even if they fall outside of the normal schedule.

If a co-parent consistently fails to follow a court-ordered parenting plan, the other parent may want to discuss the situation with an attorney. An attorney may be able to answer questions about child custody and visitation and offer information that would be beneficial in changing the current custody arrangement.

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