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Are you taking care of your mental health while going through your divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | Divorce

Few people would say that divorcing is easy. You have a lot to tend to, but you must make sure you take proper care of your mental health while gathering all necessary documents and meeting with your legal advocate. 

Mental Health America offers insights to help you keep your head above water during this difficult time of your life. Understand how to make sense of your thoughts and emotions. 

Be kind to yourself  

While you may spend years preparing for marriage and starting a family, you likely did not prepare for divorce. For that reason, give yourself a break when you have a hard time making it through your marital split. It is OK that you do not function at full capacity all the time. 

Know that all of your feelings are valid 

You can expect to experience a vast range of emotions while divorcing, and each feeling is valid. The most important thing to recognize is that your feelings are not necessarily facts. Allow yourself to feel and recognize your emotions, but do not hold on to negative feelings that do not serve you. Instead, know that your anger, frustration, sadness and exhaustion are temporary. 

Build a support group  

Now is the time to reach out to friends and family and let them hold you up. Find people in your life willing to hold space for you in their lives and take out time to listen to you and offer support. Besides friends and family, look to see if there are support groups in Alabama for people going through a divorce. Talking with people going through the same situation as you can provide perspective and additional coping strategies. 

Tap into all available resources to emerge from your divorce with a healthy state of mind. Your attorney may know of additional resources you can utilize. 

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