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How basic child support is calculated in Alabama

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2020 | Child Support

There are many financial responsibilities that people in Alabama must meet each month. Many of these responsibilities are for the individual person, but many people are responsible for others as well. This is true for all parents who must provide for their children’s needs. These needs include the basics such as food, clothing and ensuring they have a place to live, but can include many more expenses, which can add up each month.

Parents must provide for their children’s needs whether they are married or divorced as well. However, it can be more difficult to ensure that both parents are contributing after a divorce, especially if the children are with one parent more than the other. So, to ensure contributions from each parent, usually there is a child support order in place, which orders one parent to pay the other a certain amount each month, which can be used towards meeting their needs.

To determine the child support monthly payment, there are guidelines that determine the presumptive child support amount. The basic child support amount is determined by first calculating the parents combined adjusted gross income, which is gross income minus child support payments for other children and alimony payments. After that is calculated one uses a schedule which states the presumed child support amount for their combined adjusted gross income. That amount is then divided between the parents based on the percentage of the combine gross income that they earn. In addition to the basic child support amount, the total child support amount will include money for health insurance premiums for the children and child-care costs.

There are many parents in Alabama who are either divorced or going through one. This means that many parents are also paying child support. This amount is based on the guidelines, but those are just presumptions. There are reasons to deviate from the presumed obligation and parties can come to alternative agreements as well. Experienced attorneys understand the child support guidelines and may be able to guide one through the process.

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