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Do you know these tips for living with your ex after divorce?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | Divorce

You recently divorced from your spouse, but neither of you can afford to move out of your marital home in Alabama. Thankfully, your split was not terribly contentious, so you feel the two of you can live under the same roof until you move out on your own.

To help keep your current situation from deteriorating, see what Divorce Magazine recommends. Do not let a lack of preparation potentially jeopardize the next chapter of your life.

Remain respectful

No matter the issues that led to your divorce, you must do what you can to show respect for your ex-spouse while continuing to share a house. This is especially true if you have children together. It may help to pretend as though you and your former spouse are now co-workers, which means to display the same manners and professional respect as you would to the people you work with.

Speak with your kids

Touching back on sharing your marital home if you have kids with your ex, share with your kids about the new living arrangement. For instance, you may have your own bedroom, which your kids are sure to notice. What you say to your kids depends on their age. With younger kids, you can say that you and your former spouse need your own space away from each other right now to be happy.

Talk about expenses

Sit down with your ex to discuss how the two of you want to handle your ongoing finances. You may want to split bills evenly, or you may feel more comfortable keeping the arrangement you had while married. Neither of you should change how you pay shared expenses without informing the other beforehand.

It is possible to live with your former spouse after the two of you divorce. Be patient with yourself and your ex.

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