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How do you prepare for emotional challenges of divorce?

On Behalf of | May 21, 2020 | Divorce

Even if you feel confident that ending your marriage is the right decision, the divorce process may still be extremely emotional and challenging. There are several steps you may take to support your own mental health and prepare for the emotions that may accompany the end of your marriage. 

According to Psychology Today, divorce may lead to several different types of losses, which may cause feelings of grief, anxiety and shock. When you understand the potential emotional challenges that could accompany your divorce, it may be easier to prepare for them. 

Solidify relationships 

Psychology Today indicates that divorcing your spouse may cause significant changes in other important relationships as well. Your friendship with your in-laws may become strained, or you may lose friends who side with your ex-spouse in the issues that contributed to your divorce. As you prepare for divorce, you may want to spend time cultivating healthy relationships with new friends or at least prepare your existing circle of friends for the stress of the impending divorce. 

Focus on parenting 

Regardless of the terms of your custody agreement, your life as a parent will change after divorce. The PT article points out that you may miss sharing parenting highs and lows with your spouse. Spending extra time with your children during the divorce process may help them go through the transition smoothly, and it may help you prepare for the upcoming change to your daily life as a parent. 

Make plans for holidays 

The holidays may be challenging after a divorce, especially if you no longer get to participate in large family celebrations with your in-laws or quiet traditions with your spouse and children. Negotiating clear terms for visitation during holidays and vacations may help you anticipate the new normal for these celebrations. 

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