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Divorce-related emotional strain and your kids

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2020 | Divorce

Our law firm realizes that divorce often brings up a wide range of emotions, from relief and optimism about one’s future to anxiety and depression. For children, the emotional impact of their parents’ marriage ending is often especially difficult to process and it is imperative for parents to step in and offer support.

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies parents can use to help their kids through this difficult time and it is important for you to take your child’s concerns into consideration.

Answering questions

Children often have a lot of uncertainty when it comes to their parents’ divorce. Some have no idea what custody means and worry about whether they will have the ability to maintain a healthy relationship with one of their parents (and this is a valid concern that many parents struggle with as well). Often, kids have many questions about divorce, from what will happen to the family home or pets to the reasons behind their parents’ decision. Parents should try their best to provide their kids with helpful answers, but some do not always have answers because of their own uncertainty.

Providing reassurance

Even if you cannot answer certain questions, you can reassure your child that your love will remain strong and that they will receive the care they are counting on. Sometimes, kids blame themselves for the breakdown of their parents’ marriage, and it is helpful for parents to address invalid feelings of guilt. Caring parents are able to make life much easier for their children and our law office explores many other considerations that are related to getting a divorce.

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