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How do I tell my preschooler about my divorce?

If you and your spouse have concluded that your marriage should not continue, you must figure out how to share the news with your friends, family members and others. For people with children, telling the kids about a parental divorce can be especially difficult.

If you have a preschooler, you should learn about how to approach conversations regarding a divorce. Talking with a child who is three or four years old requires a different approach than talking with an older child.

Focus on the child’s needs

As explained by Today’s Parent, kids in the preschool-age range do not generally process much beyond their immediate realities. When discussing a parental split, moms and dads may want to focus conversations on concrete aspects of their child’s life such as who will pick the child up from school or who will read the child their bedtime stories.

Repetition a common need

Due to the developmental stage of a preschooler’s brain, parents should expect to essentially repeat conversations with their kids about the divorce. Young children may ask the same question multiple times. Responses to kids’ questions should be direct and short, focusing on the facts with little extraneous details as these may only serve to confuse the kids with information that may not pertain to them. Engaging in long conversations also opens the door to losing youngsters’ understandably short attention spans.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to provide some guidance to divorcing parents of preschool-aged children in Alabama as they prepare to have conversations with their young children about their divorce.

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