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What should you do when modifying your child support?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Child Support

While managing a divorce and figuring out child custody, you may find that you wish to modify the amount you are paying in child support.

Huge life events can easily change the amount you owe.

Do not delay

According to FindLaw, if you have recently been severely injured or lost a job, it is best to rethink the amount you are paying in child support. You then own back payments in arrears, which you cannot avoid paying. If you delay the process of adjusting your child support, you could find yourself with a large amount of old backlogged payments due and an inability to pay them off.

Keep track of papers

If you recently had a large change in income or your living situation, storing any paperwork from this event in a safe place can help you for the future. Having a paper trail helps you prove that this incident happened before the next payment was due.

Documenting each step also helps prove you are making a good faith effort in finding new employment or steady income. Applying regularly to jobs is a way to show you are trying to take responsibility for your child support payments.

Communicate respectfully

Talking with your ex-spouse frankly about your inability to fulfill your regular payments can help you coordinate what to do next. If a more casual talk does not work, mediation is a legal way to help formally communicate about important subjects, such as child support or injuries.

Sometimes, it is possible to reach an agreement on a new amount of money you should pay.

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