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Alcohol addiction and your divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Divorce

Our law office recognizes the multiple challenges that people often face when they are struggling with alcohol addiction. If you are a recovering alcoholic or your spouse is currently battling alcoholism and staying sober, we know how difficult it probably is to deal with your divorce. Sometimes, alcoholism plays a direct role in the breakdown of a marriage.

Moreover, even when marriages fall apart for other reasons, those who are having a hard time sometimes develop alcoholism or start to drink more because of the emotional hurdles they are dealing with. If you believe that your ex has developed a drinking problem during your divorce, carefully evaluate your options.

Focusing on your divorce

If you are getting ready to file for a divorce or you are currently working through the process, it is imperative to devote a sufficient amount of your mental energy to the end of your marriage. Unfortunately, alcoholism often gets in the way of one’s ability to protect their interests during a divorce, especially when it comes to financial matters or issues related to child custody. Sometimes, former partners use one’s battle with alcohol to gain the upper hand during a custody dispute.

Your future

There are various reasons why it is crucial to prevent alcohol from interfering with your divorce. For starters, the outcome of your divorce will likely have an impact on your life down the road in different ways. Some long-term effects of divorce include one’s emotional well-being, financial obligations and relationship with their child. Please explore more on our blog to review the divorce process.

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