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Custody battles and a child’s health crisis

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2020 | Child Custody

There are many reasons why custody battles are difficult, from stress to strain in a parent’s relationship with their child. Unfortunately, some custody disputes involve children in particularly difficult positions, such as those struggling with a health crisis. Whether your child recently found out that they have cancer or they are dealing with other health-related challenges, it is pivotal for you to focus on making their life easier.

During a custody dispute, parents need to focus on the best interests of their children. Sometimes, this means standing up to a former partner’s false claims or custody goals.

Taking care of your child

When it comes to proving that you deserve custody rights (either partial or full custody), there are a number of issues that the court will consider. However, it is imperative to prove that you are fully capable of providing your child with the care that they are counting on. From taking them to the doctor on a regular basis to providing them with other resources (including financial support), you need to show that you can give them what they need. If your child’s other parent is incapable of providing them with the support they are counting on, it is important to consider bringing this up in court.

Finding a favorable outcome

If you are able to protect the best interests of your child, it is imperative to continue to show your support after custody is awarded and the divorce process is complete. Generally, these issues are very hard for children to process and parents must provide emotional support as well as financial resources, especially for a child dealing with health problems. Our website goes over more on custody battles.

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