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Different ways depression affects a custody dispute

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2020 | Child Custody

Child custody disputes frequently bring up many different hurdles for people to work through, especially on an emotional level. If you are preparing for a divorce and expect a difficult dispute or you are already in the middle of a contentious battle over child custody, it is possible that you have various emotional hardships to deal with in addition to legal matters, such as stress and even depression.

Unfortunately, depression impacts people during custody disputes in various ways and often leads to a less favorable outcome.

Securing custody rights

Sometimes, parents have such severe depression that their emotions impact their ability to secure custody rights. For example, former partners sometimes decide to prevent their ex from having any custody rights because they claim that the person’s depression is so severe they cannot take care of the child properly. When depression results in the inability to get out of bed or take care of key responsibilities, this is true, in some instances. If you struggle with depression, try your best to manage your emotions in order to improve your chances of a favorable custody outcome.

Addressing depression

If you are struggling with depression, or your ex has depression, focus on the best interests of your child and try to manage the situation properly. If you feel down because of your divorce or because you are hopeless with respect to a custody dispute, try to focus on positive facets of your life. Aside from healthy activities and hobbies, some people benefit from reaching out to a mental health professional. Go over our website to read many other topics related to custody disputes.

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