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How can you tell your child about divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2020 | Divorce

Alabama parents like you have one major concern while working on your divorce. How do you tell your child? Breaking news of a split is often a heartbreaking experience. It is not easy for anyone involved. Is there any way to do this that eases the blow?

It is true that divorce will always cause some level of trauma. But there are ways to mitigate this damage and make it easier for a child to accept what is happening.

Remind your child it is not their fault

Psychology Today examines ways you can sit your child down and discuss matters of divorce. Most tips involve the way you present information and speak to your child. Unfortunately, there is no real way to soften the blow of what a divorce means. Your child will understand that their life is about to change. The important thing is allowing them time and space to understand those changes. Above all, they should know not to blame themselves. Children often redirect guilt and internalize it. Make it a top priority to let your child know that none of this is their fault, and that you both love them.

Work together with your co-parent

After that, get on the same page with your co-parent. Make sure you are telling the same story. Understand what both of you want to leave out of the talk. Be open and honest where you can. This means letting your child know what may change and what may stay the same. They are not privy to every detail of the divorce. But having information on what is to come can help ease their anxieties some.

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