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Law firm sued for its involvement in divorce dispute

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2020 | Divorce

The decision to seek an end to one’s marriage in Montgomery is almost difficult given the ramifications it has on their lives. Yet ultimately it may prove to be what is best for them given the tension and stress stemming from their relationship. 

Deciding to get a divorce may indeed seem like the most difficult step one must take in the journey towards the dissolution of their marriage, yet it may not necessarily mark the end of their challenges. Indeed, divorce proceedings can be quite complex, and while the ultimate outcome is typically desired, the battle to secure it can be rife with twists and turns. 

Woman sues law firm for siding with ex-husband

A recent lawsuit detailed in the ABA Journal demonstrates some of the complexities that can accompany a divorce case. A California woman filed a lawsuit against a local law firm for what she termed to be a “betrayal.” She claims that both she and her ex-husband sought representation from the firm, yet once the couple decided to get a divorce, the firm assisted her ex-husband in selling off a business in which they held a joint interest, thus forcing her to take action on her own to stop the sale. As a result, she incurred more than $1 million in legal fees. Her divorce settlement, however, failed to provide her with compensation for those funds. 

Navigating the complex waters of a divorce case

The many details and nuances associated with divorce proceedings should not deter one from seeking such an action if they desire it. Yet their concerns over how daunting the task may be are understandable. Fortunately, there are legal resources available that may make managing the entire process much easier (even when complexities arise). 

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