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Quitting your job during divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2020 | Divorce

When people think about the end of marriage, they often focus on divorce-related legal issues, such as the custody of children, paperwork, costs, property distribution, alimony and child support. However, there are other ways in which lives change due to divorce. For example, if you are thinking about quitting your job because your marriage is coming to an end, there are many issues to take into consideration.

Quitting a job is a major decision, especially when one is also dealing with a divorce and difficult family law matters.

The divorce process and your career

Some people end their careers because the divorce process is very demanding and they struggle to find the time and energy to continue working. In some cases, this is a smart move, but others face hardships when they decide to stop working because of a divorce. Also, one’s income and working circumstances can impact them in various ways when it comes to family law. For example, those who earn less money sometimes face challenges related to child support or alimony, while demanding jobs and erratic work schedules can complicate custody arrangements.

Looking for another job after divorce

Sometimes, people stop working but decide to look for a different position later on, while others need to find another job because of a divorce-related move or changes to their schedules. You need to think about many different factors when it comes to finding another job, such as your child support obligations or alimony if you are required to make these payments. If you have kids and share custody with your ex, you also need to think about this while searching for a position that is compatible with your life.

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