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Taking a look at statistics on child support

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2020 | Child Support

Reviewing child support statistics is advantageous for multiple reasons. For example, custodial parents need to recognize how widespread child support delinquency is. Moreover, non-custodial parents can see how their obligations compare to other parents who are required to make child support payments.

Falling behind on child support brings harsh penalties, such as financial hardships and the threat of arrest. Parents who are struggling because of unpaid child support need to examine their legal options.

Fathers, mothers and other child support statistics

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a majority of non-custodial parents were expected to pay between $5,000 and $7,499 in child support than other amounts during 2017. However, during this period many custodial parents did not receive any child support payments whatsoever. When people think about typical custodial parents, they often envision mothers. However, many custodial fathers are supposed to receive child support as well. In fact, almost one out of five custodial parents who were supposed to receive child support payments in 2017 were fathers.

Missing out on child support payments

There are different reasons why some custodial parents do not receive child support. For example, many do not receive payments because the non-custodial parent cannot afford to pay. However, some custodial parents miss out on child support because paternity is not established, they cannot find the non-custodial parent or because they do not want their child’s other parent to make payments. Whether you need to stand up for your rights or develop a better understanding of your options, reviewing strategies to address your situation properly (such as child support modification or enforcement) is paramount.

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