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What is the Alabama Central Disbursement Division?

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Child Support

If you pay or receive child support in the state of Alabama, you will notice that all payments go through the Alabama Central Disbursement Division. The ACDD is a centralized site for child support payments in the state.

The ACDD process payments that result from the judge’s order for support from a court case. Prior to the creation of the ACDD, the clerk of court would have been responsible for processing these payments.

How the ACDD handles payments

The ACDD will process all payments on the day you make them unless there are extenuating circumstances. That means that you should not experience any delays in payments by making them through the ACDD instead of a clerk of court. In addition, the payments do not have a hold on them to wait for checks to clear, so the processing is often faster than in the past.

The ACDD receives all payments from the Alabama Child Support Payment Center. You cannot pay the ACDD directly.

What the ACDD does not do

The ACDD also does not have the authority to stop payments. Only a judge can end a child support order. If you want to end your order, you must go to court.

The ACDD also cannot help you enforce a child support order. It also cannot provide information about the balance on your account. It can only offer you a record of payments processed.

The ACDD does not have any hand in the enforcement of child support orders. It cannot contact other parties in your case, help with collection or offer any legal advice in your case.

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