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Why are gray divorce rates on the rise?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | Divorce

As part of a married couple in Alabama, you may look into divorce later in life. This is gray divorce; a divorce that involves spouses over 50 years of age. In many cases, perhaps including your own, married couples in this situation have often been together for decades.

These days, gray divorce rates are higher than ever. Is there a reason for this?

Stigma reduction leads to more divorces

Forbes looks at the rising rates of gray divorce among older married couples. They examine the potential reasons for this increase as years go on. One speculation is that it has to do with the diminishing social stigma around divorce. As time goes on, more people accept divorce and get divorces if their own marriage does not work out.

But this is harder for older couples, so the push for divorce often stems from serious issues with deep roots. For example, financial problems are often cited as a top reason for gray divorce. This may include couples that often struggle with debt or fight over financial matters. If one partner struggles with money management, this can also become a deal-breaker over time.

Time changes everything

Another big reason is a simple one: growing apart. Over time, you change. Your partner changes. If you had children, you may no longer know how to interact with or understand your spouse after they grow and leave. Some couples are able to reestablish that spark but for others, it never happens.

Finally, better life expectancy and health may contribute. At 50 in this day and age, you still have potential decades of life left to experience. People no longer feel like they must settle for a marriage or like their prospects are over. You can still find something new even at an “older” age.

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