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Modifying child support in Alabama

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2020 | Child Support

Circumstances change over time, and if you or your child have gone through any major life changes recently, you may be looking to change your existing Alabama child support order. You may be able to have your order undergo modification even in the absence of a substantial change in circumstances. However, you must wait a specific length of time before doing so.

According to the Alabama Office of Child Support Enforcement, you may request a child support modification if at least three years have passed since it took effect or underwent review or modification. This holds true regardless of whether there has been a major change in circumstances during that time.

Other circumstances that may warrant review or modification

If your original child support arrangement did not contain a provision about medical support, this, too, may lead to a review and possible modification of your existing order. You may be able to have your child support order undergo early review or modification if you or your ex experienced a major financial change, such as the loss of a job. You may, too, be able to do so if a medical emergency arises within that three-year span.

How to request a review

To request a change to your existing Alabama child support order, you must submit your request in writing to the Alabama Department of Human Resources. In doing so, you must outline why you feel the change is necessary. You should also include any other potentially relevant information, such as how your income or family size may have changed since your original child support order took effect.

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