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The pros and cons of nesting during divorce

Even if your Alabama divorce is amicable, your children may feel the stress of changes in the family dynamic. If you and your ex wonder about whether to keep the house or sell it, there might be an option that buys you time to decide and helps smooth the transition from marital home to separate houses.

According to Psychology Today, nesting can help your kids feel more secure and give them more time to adapt to their family’s changes. It may also be a good option if supporting two homes is unrealistic financially.

Nesting downside

To make nesting work, both parents must cooperate and communicate. The initial period of separation is emotionally taxing. Conflict can increase at first, making the process more difficult. Although rotating in and out makes sense on paper, becoming a visitor in what was your family home is upsetting. If finances are an issue, having another shared space where you stay may make money tight.

Nesting benefits

Separating furnishings, assets and deciding on who gets the family pet is stressful enough without removing your children from their home. One of the most important benefits is that you can prepare your kids in stages for full-time separation. They still see each of their parents at home but one at a time, rather than together. This also gives you and your ex some breathing room if a conflict arises during divorce proceedings.

If you both began preparing for a split in advance, you might have finances and other arrangements in order. However, most often, divorcing couples can benefit from taking their time and working through everything from asset distribution to custody and spousal agreements. Nesting can help you get the time you need.

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