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How is custody determined during a divorce?

Getting divorced can present challenges for both parties, regardless of the reasons behind ending your union. Having children can make the process even more complicated. Many parents wonder what child custody looks like after marriage ends.

If you are getting divorced in Alabama, learn more about what child custody looks like, so you can plan accordingly.

Factors behind determining custody

When both parties can create a custody agreement, the court uses it more often than not. If things are still amicable between you and your soon-to-be-ex, going this route can be helpful. If not, the court looks at several different factors. These can include relationships with the parent, where the child’s school is, along with their mental and physical well-being. The ties a child already has to nearby family and community can have an effect on custody.

Understanding joint legal custody

It is common for parents to have joint legal custody of their children, regardless of which parent they live with. Even if the children only see their father on the weekends and live with their mother because she is closer to their school, both parties have an equal say over their children’s lives when it comes to making major decisions. Managing custody this way allows both parents to continue playing a vital role in the growth and development of their children.

Knowing how the courts determine custody can help you plan for the future, such as knowing what your visitation options are. This can make the divorce process smoother for everyone, including your children.

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