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Why are older Americans divorcing more now?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2021 | Divorce

Lately, headlines have been splashed across all media about the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce. And, with this news, the term, “gray divorce” has become a hot topic. And, according to industry experts, gray divorces are actually increasing, which begs the question, “Why?”

What is grey divorce?

The term, gray divorce, refers to those couples that are ending their marriage after decades or between spouses that are over 50. And, while it is true that about 50 percent of divorces occur around the six-year mark, that does not mean those who have been married for decades are safe from divorce. Indeed, marriage experts are seeing a recent uptick in later in life divorces.

Why the uptick in gray divorce?

Some experts are pointing to an empty nest as a reason, but others point to changing societal norms. Specifically, divorce has lost its stigma, and Baby Boomers are living much longer than any other generation, giving them a true opportunity for a second post-divorce act. Yet, another cited reason is money. In generations past, the wife had little access to marital assets, but with the rise of no-fault divorces, equitable and equal distributions and the increase of working women, the wife may no longer fear destitution after a divorce. Accordingly, it may be combination of all these reasons that are empowering older couples to seeking a new life and enjoy their retirement years.

Changing life priorities or different ideas of retirement

Around retirement, couples will have to face how they want to spend their golden years. And, sometimes, those plans do not line up. Perhaps, one spouse wants to help raise their grandchildren, but the other wants to spend that time traveling across the globe. Depending on their circumstances, they may both be able to have what they want.

The key takeaway for our Montgomery, Alabama, readers is that, no matter one’s age or number of years in a marriage, life should be lived with happiness. If one is not happy, call a divorce attorney.

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