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New studies shows one’s career can affect divorce rates

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Divorce

If one has seen a holiday movie, they are likely aware of the workaholic trope, were the over worked wife or husband pushes their spouse to divorce. It is a common trope throughout holiday movies, and indeed, it is pervasive throughout our entertainment as it can be seen in TV shows, movies, etc. We are constantly bombarded with this idea that one’s career can affect our marriages, but until now, it was all anecdotal.


The original statistical analysis was done by career website Zippia, but then that analysis was further reviewed by, a financial services website. Both analyzed U.S. Census Data of divorce rates of those 30 and under, and compared them to the industries these divorcees worked in. Zippia concentrated their analysis on all divorces under 30 and focused on divorces by age 30.

Safest careers

Surprisingly, both organizations found that the healthcare field had relatively low divorce rates, when compared to other industries. This included both doctors and nurses, though, after this last year and a half, those numbers may change. For now, though, according to both websites, a career in healthcare can lead to a happy marriage, or, at least, lower rates of divorce.

Careers with high divorce rates

This is where here is some disagreement. According to, they found that laborers had an extremely low divorce rate, but Zippia found that similar laborers (conveyors, dredger, etc.) had high divorce rates. This may be because the two sites dived down to different levels of job functions, or it may mean that divorce rates level out by 30. But, both agree that First-Line Enlisted Military Supervisors have some of the highest divorce rates. This is likely because of our 20 plus year war on terror, repeated deployments, long periods from home and the constant worry associated with deployments. Though, like those in the medical field, these numbers may change as the that war transitions out of particular locations. So, by the next census, these two positions may change in their rankings.

What can we learn?

For our Montgomery, Alabama, readers, the key takeaway here is that one’s job may have an affect on one’s marriage. This, of course, does not mean that one needs to change careers, but instead, to speak with one’s spouse to see how one’s career is affecting them and the relationship to figure out how to make it work.


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