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How should I discuss my child’s health coverage in divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2021 | Blog, Divorce

There will be no shortage of important issues that you must deal with in a divorce, not the least of which is how your child will receive health care once you and your spouse have ended your marriage. Child care expenses can put a significant burden on your finances. Making sure your health insurance can cover your child may help you avoid burdensome medical bills once your divorce is complete.

Getting together with your spouse to work out your child’s coverage may help you understand how to proceed with your child’s care in the future. Kiplinger provides some tips for discussing your child’s health coverage in your post-divorce life.

Your children’s preferred care providers

First, talk to your spouse about whether your child has a preferred health care provider. You might already know the answer, but in the event your spouse is in charge of your child’s care, you should find out from your spouse the names and contact information of the doctors who care for your child. If your child does have preferred care providers, you will probably want them to continue providing care after the divorce is complete.

You and your spouse’s care networks

Once you know your child’s care providers, you should learn whether your insurance network or your spouse’s includes them as providers. If not, go over whether you or your spouse can switch doctors on your respective health plans. In the event switching doctors is not an option, you may talk about which of your plans provides the best coverage for doctors not included in the network.

The parent with the best coverage

The goal of going over your child’s care providers is to figure out whether you or your co-parent has the better insurance to cover your child’s care. Making this determination may help you and your spouse figure out other aspects of your child’s care, such as how to divide the costs of health insurance premiums or out-of-pocket costs. Resolving these issues as early as possible may give you peace of mind as your divorce heads toward its conclusion.

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