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Child support obligations, unemployment and withholding orders

If you owe child support, there are many different factors you need to consider. First, falling behind on child support can result in devastating consequences. In fact, becoming at least one month behind on child support could lead to contempt of court charges and time behind bars. Aside from the penalties associated with delinquency, you should also familiarize yourself with income withholding and your child support obligations.

Aside from wages, you earn while working, the state can make child support payments out of your unemployment and other benefits.

Child support payments and income withholding orders

Alabama’s Department of Human Resources reports that courts include income and income withholding order in all child support orders under state law. An income withholding order could result in a non-custodial parent having wages withheld to pay support, and this could also apply to unemployment, retirement and workers’ compensation benefits that they receive.

Child support payments without income withholding

Sometimes, parents who must pay child support do not have payments taken out through an income withholding order. In these cases, the parent will receive a statement each month by mail. If you find yourself in this position, it is critical to ensure that you stay current. In instances where an income withholding order does not take effect right away, income withholding could begin if a parent falls at least 30 days behind on their child support obligations.

When it comes to child support, every parent is in a unique situation. Make sure you understand all of your options, whether you want to modify your order due to major changes or you have to deal with another important issue related to child support.

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