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What are the most essential points to cover in a parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2022 | Blog, Divorce

In line with most courts throughout the nation, the courts in Alabama favor joint custody of children when their parent’s divorce.

A parenting plan is a blueprint for parents to follow in raising their children. The custody arrangement will be a highlight, but what other major points should the plan cover?

Plan importance

When a divorce between parents takes place, the court wants to know how they are going to go about raising their children, hence the development of a parenting plan. The children’s best interests are the focus and joint custody the preference. The courts emphasize the importance of teamwork in creating the plan.

Essential points

The parenting schedule is one of the most important parts of the plan. This will address parental responsibility for the physical care of the children. Children thrive on routine in their lives. The plan should include a schedule with a rotation pattern that enables the children to spend time with each parent on a regular basis. The parenting plan should also show how parents will make major decisions regarding the children, how they will manage holidays, birthdays and other events, how they will deal with child-rearing expenses and who will take responsibility for transporting the children to school, medical appointments, extracurricular activities and more.

Accent on cooperation

The court will want assurances that parents can cooperate with one another in caring for their children in a post-divorce world. The importance of family relationships will continue, and a detailed parenting plan can show how parents plan to communicate in the best interests of their children once the divorce is final.

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