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Strategies for avoiding conflict during divorce

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Divorce

Getting a divorce is stressful and puts you in an emotionally fragile state. It is common for bad feelings to become overwhelming and spill into the open.

Avoiding this is vital. The better you are at squashing negative feelings, the easier it will be for all parties. The right strategies during your divorce should help make this possible.

Communicate in writing

When face-to-face with the person you feel has wronged you, anger may lead to words that can never be unspoken. It is wiser to discuss sensitive matters through text. Doing this forces you to pause and consider what you are saying. It also creates proof of agreements or behavior on the part of your ex that the court might consider.

Work alongside a mediator

Allow a neutral party to act as a buffer. It will no doubt help with the stress of remaining in touch with your ex. This individual can trim hostile language and reduce the odds of retaliatory action.

Disconnect from social media

Remember that anything you say online lives forever. Comments about your spouse could come back to haunt you in divorce court. The best choice is to avoid the temptation of posting anything during this time.

Make time for yourself

Avoiding a blowup is more likely when you tend to your emotional needs. Consider seeing a therapist. There are also online resources that make coping easier. Treat yourself right. Clear your mind by getting enough sleep and focusing on healthy eating habits. Take a hot bath or get a massage, whichever makes you feel best.

Surviving a divorce is always a challenge. It’s more unpleasant when bickering continues. Use these tactics to neutralize unnecessary dustups.

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