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Criminal charges of any kind can pose a threat to your rights, future and freedom. When you are trying to defend yourself against these charges, information can be one of your defense’s greatest assets. To help arm yourself with valuable knowledge, we at Jones, Hawkins, & Associates, LLC, want to answer some essential questions to help you with your defense against criminal charges:

What Is Probable Cause?

In order for a police officer to search your property or pull you over and conduct a traffic stop, they need to have probable cause. “Probable cause” refers to why the police had, in the first place, to conduct their activities, such as suspicion of committing or involvement with a crime.

What Is An Illegal Search?

The police need one of several circumstances to happen in order for them to be able to conduct a search of your property. These circumstances often include permission from the property owner, the search directly pertains to the public’s safety, the police made an arrest and are searching for further evidence to support the arrest, the police have a warrant, or the police witnessed something to cause suspicion of a crime. Without these circumstances, any search a police officer conducts is illegal.

Do I Have To Answer Questions At A Traffic Stop?

When police officers read someone their Miranda rights, one of the first things they say is: “you have the right to remain silent.” This is a true statement that does reflect everyone’s individual rights to refrain from answering the police’s questions. Keep in mind that while you do have the right to remain silent, the police can respond to your decision with even a possible arrest.

Will I Lose My License After My First DUI Charge?

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol can result in you permanently losing your license, but not for the first offense. A first offense can result in a temporary loss of your license for no more than 90 days. Any charges after a first offense can result in stronger sentencing leading to a permanent loss of your license.

How Do I Defend Myself Properly?

An experienced criminal defense attorney like the ones at Jones, Hawkins, & Associates, LLC, can help you defend yourself from DUI charges. Schedule your initial consultation with us by calling 334-625-1754 or emailing us. When you need legal representation, choose compassion and commitment from your attorney.