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Steep Penalties Of Drug Charges

A wide variety of drug-related criminal charges have a broad spectrum of incarceration and fine levels. Even the smallest misdemeanor possession charge can get you up to one year in jail, and a felony drug offense can include jail or prison time exceeding a year, so retaining competent and motivated legal representation is a necessity.

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Jones, Hawkins, & Associates in Montgomery vigorously defends clients against criminal drug charges, and we fully exert our legal knowledge in this complex legal arena. Our lawyers explore defenses of unlawful search and seizure, missing evidence, and proof of drug ownership.

Marijuana Is Still An Illegal Drug

Many people do not know that marijuana is still illegal in Alabama. This is important to note as some neighboring states, such as Mississippi, have decriminalized and legalized this drug; however, Alabama has not done so. People visiting from out of state or people who have purchased pot out of Alabama and brought it back within state bounds need to be aware that they can face severe penalties, including jail time and fines if caught possessing this drug.

What Is Unlawful Search And Seizure?

When the police make a traffic stop, they are required by law and the Fourth Amendment of The United States Constitution to respect your rights as a citizen. This means the police must have just cause for the search. If they want to search your vehicle or your home, they must follow specific procedures, which means they must have either a warrant for the search or probable cause. If the rules are not followed, evidence obtained during the search could be deemed inadmissible in court. Visit our FAQ page for more answers to your questions.

An experienced Alabama attorney can review the circumstances of your arrest and charges and help defend your rights. At Jones, Hawkins, & Associates, we can craft strategic defense for your case. We always seek the best results for you, including having charges dismissed or penalties lessened.

Take Action Today To Protect Yourself

Penalties for drug crimes are harsh, but we are motivated to be the best possible defender for you. Let us help you pursue the achievement of the best result for your situation. Call Jones, Hawkins, & Associates in Central Alabama for an attorney consultation today at 334-625-1754 or use this online form to get in touch with us.