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Photo of attorneys Nicholas A. Jones and Alyssa L. Hawkins

Partners in Criminal Defense

Serving Central Alabama
Photo of attorneys Nicholas A Jones and Alyssa L Hawkins

Fight Felony Allegations

Where can you find an advocate who is both concerned about you and qualified to be your legal counsel? In Montgomery, look to Jones, Hawkins, & Associates to be your ally in fighting felony charges. Our firm is driven to provide detail-oriented defense strategies for clients facing criminal prosecution.

Call us at 334-625-1754 to discuss your case.

Choose Wisely

Whatever felony you are accused of, your freedom, finances and reputation are at stake. Do not take a chance with retaining inexperienced legal counsel. You need a lawyer who helps you understand your charges and aggressively defends you with a detailed strategy, and the legal firm that can provide felony defense for you is Jones, Hawkins, & Associates.

We defend a variety of felony charges from Class C to Class A, including:

  • Drug possession, distribution and trafficking
  • Repeat DUI offenses
  • Burglary and assault
  • Capital murder

The severity of felony charges and the lasting disadvantages of a criminal charge on your record necessitate a serious legal defense. A conviction will affect:

  • Gun rights
  • Job options
  • Leasing opportunities
  • Voting rights

Our firm represents both initial charge defense and appeals with a personalized approach. Our knowledgeable attorneys are driven to pursue the best case possible for your situation.

Call Lawyers You Can Trust

Founding attorneys Nicholas A. Jones and Alyssa L. Hawkins are committed to protecting your rights and energized to defend you against felony charges in central Alabama. You can trust them to give you exceptional legal representation. Give Jones, Hawkins, & Associates a call at 334-625-1754 or use this online form to access skilled legal professionals who focus on you and your concerns.